What is your happiness?

Surfing the wave of happiness

I read something on my social media regarding someone giving advice to another person about finding their happiness. Then a flurry of thoughts streamed through my mind. My thoughts suddenly caught fire and if my mind was made of wood it would have been cinders in less than thirty seconds.

I can’t even begin to tell you about all those thoughts because they moved so fast, one after the other. I could only catch the sparks of a few scenes that played in my head. Has this ever happened to you?

It’s amazing how fast we think thoughts. Well, at least to me it is. I often go through a train of thoughts in a moment. Anything can trigger my thoughts and then, BAM!! I’m rifling through a cascade of different images and whatnot. All of this in just a couple of seconds. Then afterwards I have to contain myself and ask, ‘What just occurred in my head?

When I read their post my mind went directly to cycling in the country. It was during my long hours sitting on my saddle that I would find the most enjoyment. During the summer months I would get home from work and hop on my Giant RS950 and hit the road. It was as if I was flying. The front crank set was oblong for the climbing of hills, and of course in the Midwest there are no hills to ride up! Maybe along the river there are a spattering of hillocks, but it’s mostly flat. If anything, that crank set was perfect for sprinting.

I would return home after a decent 30–40 mile ride and run for another 6 -10 miles in the dusk along River Road. Maybe swallow a scattering of bugs along the journey. But I loved it! I had a decent pace and clocked in under an hour. At times I felt like I was sitting down while my legs sprinted away effortless. Sweating felt so wonderful as it dripped of my chin, elbow and hands. Wow, do I miss those days. I was truly happy.

I bought my first drum kit around that time as well. Drumming makes me happy. I love getting into the groove. It can be hypnotizing at times. The drummer from The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Joe Morello, is one of my favorite drummers to listen to and try to copy his rhythms. If you ever watch videos of him playing, he makes it so effortless. His solo in Take Five is perfect, and his drumming in ‘Blue Rhondo a la Turk’ with all the time changes, blows me away every time I hear it.

I think doing something effortlessly is happiness.

So there is cycling and drumming that are the center of my universe. Have I mentioned my family? Watching my kids growing up is a heaven load of happiness. Woe boy!! They are absolutely brilliant. Creative. Intelligent. I let them know this all the time. The best thing I was ever told, not directly to me, when they were young is to “let them discover and explore things, because it is a natural expression for children to do this”. ‘They are naturally curious’ as Neil DeGrasse Tyson would say many times when talking about children.

I was once told during a hard time in my life that I cannot rely on my family for happiness. ‘That I have to find my happiness without having to rely on them’. I told this person to ‘Fuck Off.’ I was happy telling him this to his face. So I guess there are many ways to feel happy in different varying situations.

I think the world needs lots of happiness at this particular time. I think it needs it more so than ever before. In fact, I would like it to be as contagious as a virus. There are too many distractions taking us away from what makes us happy.

There is one friend on my social media who throws up some of the coolest music selections. Some I’ve heard before while other selections are such wonderful discoveries. I am happy to have met her through social media. It’s good to have friends in the know. Some of my other friends on social media are excellent photographers and I learn so much from their posts.

I’ve recently got back in touch with the guitarist who I played in a band with thirty years ago. Flubber (pronounced Floo-brrr). He’s still making music and creating art. I am happy to see what he is doing and listening to his creative style music. He was always the creative spark in the band and the rest of us just followed along in his wake. He was the nucleus.

So I guess music is a big part of my happiness. I’m sure everyone has music that brings them memories and happiness.

What I am curious about is hearing what brings other people happiness. When I go into town to do some street photography I talk with people and ask if they would mind if I include them in a random photo. They usually oblige and I strike up a conversation with them. Some of their stories are spectacular and they seem more than happy to tell me their stories. My camera is the medium that connects us.

Most evidently, photography is another avenue to my happiness. It’s fun and it makes my really look at my surroundings. It’s surprising what we miss if we don’t actually take notice.

So dear reader, what brings You happiness? Don’t be shy. The world needs your happiness vibe. Together we can create a movement that may inspire others to live their own happiness.

Yeah, a wave of happiness would never drown anyone. Instead it may lift them higher on the crest of the wave so they may see further into the horizon.




Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell

Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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