The Uncomfortable Fact Of The Matter

The fact of the matter is, there are humans the world over that incorporate a multitude of different ethnic races, ideologies, languages and pretty much everything under our Sun. At this time in our human evolution, there should not be any discrimination, at all, whatsoever.

We have all seen each other, we know each others cultures and live among each other every day. So, what’s the big deal? Why do some people think they are of more value than others? Why do some religions or political groups discriminate? Why does the color of someone’s skin or ethnicity matter?

Maybe I am blind or deaf to their reasoning. I would prefer to get along and work for the common good of all people. Yes, I see people of color every day and I recognize the value of it. I may not know specifics of a person’s heritage, but I am curious. To me there is more to discover and learn, instead of judging a person.

There is so much to learn about people from races different to me. I call my self a European mixed breed. I really don’t know my ancestors beyond my grandparents. I really don’t care to know beyond that point. I just know that I am alive in the present time, soon to be gone and others will take my place. So while I am here now, I want to make good for my children’s and other children’s future.

I have to admit, I love different cultures food. I love their celebrations.

I lived on the Hopi reservation for a summer. I met them during the “Corn Harvest” and learned a dance for this celebration. I had fun. Yes, they looked different compared to me and I appreciated their culture, which has been with them for such a long time. It was beautiful being among them. I admit I would not be able to differentiate between them and their neighboring Navajo, which I hope they would not be offended by that. But I would love to learn how to differentiate between their cultures.

Can You Tell The Difference?

I can’t tell the difference between Asian people, or people from Europe, or people from Central America. I hope I am not being offensive by stating this. The only way I will learn is by asking them where they are from and learning about them. I think a lot of people need to be curious about this in order to recognize and acknowledge it. It’s all about learning and discovering.

Let’s face the matter directly, head on, instead of having preconceived responses. That is what they are, preconceived responses. I believe we are what we are born into, regarding our family heritage. If I were born in the Middle East, I am pretty sure I would be of a different color, race and religion. I would be an extremely different person to the person I am here and now. I find that intriguing.

As in Star Trek, “…to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” If given the chance to travel in space and return to my present time, I would definitely go. I mean, life is offering us many things on its palette. Why not taste it, live it and explore it? We are here for only our lifetime, why cause a big hoo-haa?!

Present, Past, Future

The past is long gone. Memories are good to reflect on, but that is all in our individual minds. It is true that they are fleeting. As Joe Strummer from The Clash said, “The future is unwritten.” We need continuous self growth and to break new barriers in order to create a wondrous world. We need inspiration. That is what is lacking in society today.

Yes we have all this new technology, but even that becomes obsolete. You know what doesn’t become obsolete? Being curious, showing love and acceptance, acting in a manner that is life supporting. That sounds like a gold mine! Think about how rich we could all be if we shared that around. Financial wealth is fine, but I think it is short term gratification. There is enough money for everyone and I can’t fathom why there are an elite group of people who need more of it. But that is a whole other article to write about.

When Christmas time rolls around and people ask what I want, I tell them I would like world peace. Their usual response is, “C’mon, really, what can I get you for Christmas?” As if what I said is silly and beyond possible. Is it? Is it really so hard to make the effort to have world peace? What is stopping us? Language barriers? Societal cultures and traditions? I think cultures are a wonderful thing, Traditions on the other hand need to be updated or let go of. But that’s the thing, some people don’t want their Traditions changed or messed with. They don’t want to change.

The Times Are …uh, Changin’?

We are at a time where we can know what is going on anywhere in the world at any moment. Governments fight over land, resources and anything under the sky. Why is that? We consume at a rate that is not life supporting. Humans waste so much time, energy and material that will leave future populations in an abyss of shit. But the thing is, the people of today will be long gone by then, so what does it matter to them? I think it matters a lot.

My proposal is this: (where do I start?) Firstly: We have to start recognizing each other as a common Integrated people. Fuck the racism card. That needs to be abolished pronto. We need to start getting along quick smart. I think this speaks for itself and society would prosper. This can be an article all to itself and has probably already been written about numerous times from different slants.

One way to do this is to take a look at how we educate ourselves.

Secondly: Education should be about the enjoyment and process of learning. The current education systems are out dated, and the current thresholds of “passing a test” needs to be reassessed. I think a good start is to go with a ‘Block System’ where you are submersed in one class for a month, instead of several classes over a semester. Several hours in the morning for theory and open discussion, then several hours in the afternoon for practical work. I think students would comprehend at a greater rate. There is so much to expand on this I know, but it’s a start. Lets move on.

Thirdly: I think corporate monopolies need to be broken up. This would promote better competition for all. Why do we have stores where everything is under one roof? Most of it is junk anyway. Bring back town centers with specialized stores and a place where people can get personalized service. I think it would build better relationships. I know there are things that can hinder it, like weather, parking, and having to walk everywhere! Think of it like this, instead of a mall or a Walmart, it could be a town center that is open and has trees and bushes lining the walkways that connect all the shops. I think it would be aesthetically appealing and healthier. I am aware that there are places like this with open shopping and I think they are a fun places to spend time shopping (maybe more trees can be added). Hell, I would love to shop there instead of a mall with all its lousy music blaring away.

Just an aside: There are Universities that have beautiful campuses for walking around to connect different buildings, eateries and whatnot. On top of this, some of the landscaping and architecture of the builds are gorgeous.

Fourthly: Governments need to be revamped. New Zealand would make a great case study to start with. In most democratic countries the people elect their heads of state. Those elected officials need to work for the people they represent, not the companies that put money into their coffers. The USA has become a total mess with politicians doing the bidding and changing laws for the big corporate businesses. Their two party system needs to be overhauled. Here’s an analogy: What if librarians were paid off by publishers to only stock the publishers books in the local library? Thinking about that is absurd. America, you are better than this. It’s a basic concept and maybe I will elaborate in a future article, but I am positive it has already been written about and only a handful of people have ever read about it!

Tired And Hungry

Well, this has become longer than I expected. I simply wanted to state the fact that We, the humans of this planet, need to ease up on each other. The bottom line is that we ALL have to work together for a common good, and the sooner the better. I usually like to write articles that are about 3 to 6 minute reads: Has anyone of you clocked this article? My fingers are numb and I am hungry.

All criticisms, comments and suggestions are welcome but don’t expect a reply. Well, maybe if you are nice or enlightening in your response. And with saying that, I am on to my next article. I can do this all day!! WOO HOO!!




Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell

Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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