On The Cusp Of Leaving Social Media

The time will come to an end. It must for me.

It was fun when I first joined, but now it really isn’t. I remember joining Facebook many moons ago and feeling more connected to my family back in the USA. It was a good feeling. Sharing funny stories, photos and anything else under the Sun.

I was connecting with old friends and classmates. It was fun for me because I had moved to the other side of the globe and had lost touch with people dear to me. Getting back in touch and being part of the gossip was cool at first. Then the people that were just acquaintances started to befriend me. I accepted them because I didn’t want to be rude and, well, they made the effort to search me out and send a request. My bad mistake number one.

Hearing the news that some of my classmates that I grew up with had died was sad to hear. Looking back, those early years on social media and how it was subtly affecting me, I see now in hindsight and I am more scrutinizing of the people I allow in my circle of friends. I also began to see just how small the world was becoming and how news was seconds away, at any moment, from across the globe.

Maybe I Should Do Another Culling On My Social Media.

Culling is a good thing. I used to feel bad about it; It was because the people I culled might think I didn’t like them, or think I was being rude or something like that. Most times they would be right to think that, honestly, as I am happy to not associate with them. I mean, I probably wouldn’t hang with them if they lived near me anyway. They just happened to be a passing friend sometime in my past, and the memory of them shall remain in the past as far as I am concerned. This sounds cruel, I know. They shouldn’t take it personally, it is what it is.

Now that I got that off my chest, I feel better already.

I didn’t care about the nosy people that I allowed into my circle and how a lot of them were dressing themselves up as “business entrepreneurs” and owners of their businesses. It was as if they were wanting to show others how “successful” they had become. I admit, I once labeled myself as an Owner/Operator of my own business, but I was kind of legit as I was a Massage /Neuromuscular Therapist. Yeah, I admit that I thought that wording would impress people. I dropped that facade pretty quickly thereafter and am happily in another line of business.

Opinionated People

People began to express themselves in a variety of open ways. Social media became a way to say things from behind a wall that wasn’t apparent in everyday life. You could state what was on your mind from the comfort of your own bedroom. Now it is literally open season on shouting your beliefs from the rooftops. Oh, I don’t deny that I said a few things that got other people restless. To think how we had gotten this far in such a short while, boggles my mind.

Today, I see how some remarks have come back to bite the person whose posts seemed untouchable. If anything, social media has shown a lot of people for who they really are. If you are on social media, it is pretty much a ‘buyer beware’ contingency, even though it is free to sign up. Your information can and will be used against you, those are just the facts ma’am.

The Number Game

I’ve never been about numbers, in fact I probably have the least follower count of anyone on social media. I culled my Facebook followers ages ago as I mentioned above. But that was a good thing for me, and good riddance to them in the end. I don’t need certain people in my life at this point. If you made it this far as a friend on my social media, then there is a reason for that.

The one killer for me being on social media is my passion and memories for my home country and how disgusting some of the people have become in my news feeds. I am not going to take this further, but it is quite evident how ugly it has become. It seems to be escalating still, and becoming nonstop, and deep in arrogance and stupidity.

The thing is, there are a lot of people that I follow on Twitter that I quite like. They are interesting and have some qualities that I find interesting. I don’t know them personally at all, which makes my interactions with them charming. In fact, I communicate with my Twitter friends more than I do with my family and friends on Facebook. It’s a nice reprieve.

Who’s Following Me!

I have very few followers, but it was never about numbers for me. I prefer quality exchanges. My focus tends toward photography, music, comedy, the cosmos/science and cognitive thinkers. Not necessary in that order either. I like reading about other people’s idea’s and thought’s. Some people offer up humor that I absolutely love, while others throw up posts with just a photo and no words; As if they are leaving a trail for me to follow should we meet one day.

My son just joined Facebook and his posts are hilarious. Now I feel that I will stay on that platform just to enjoy reading his latest post. Otherwise, Facebook bores me and has too many ads. That and because it is always suggesting people who to follow and what groups I might be interested in following. The thing is, if I am interested at all, I will search it out myself like I have always done. I don’t care for Fb’s algorithms, as it doesn’t in any real manner know what I like or care to like.

Twitter, I can put down and walk away from for days and I never feel that I am missing anything. The ads on Twitter aren’t in my face constantly and are usually local. There are more interesting groups as well in regards to what I like to follow. I do follow photography and there are some people that have filled my feed with hordes of photography which can be a bit much. But most of them are lovely people.

If I Were To Chose One Over The Other

Between Facebook and Twitter, I will have to go with Twitter. I was off Fb for a long time and only rejoined this past year because my Son is now on it. Other than that, I don’t see any sense on my staying connected anymore via Fb. My family back in the states can email me or chat/video whenever they have the chance. I am happy for them in their endeavors, but it is time to focus on myself.

It’s been a year since I had some issues with my health. I am much better now. Things are aligning for me and it feels good. So I am going to devote more time to the things I love to do, more cycling, more photography, more time with my family. I think it is better this way.

In regards to my Twitter account. Well, I’m enjoying the interactions and exchanges with the people I follow. I will be holding steady on this platform a while longer. As long as I stay interested, I will hang out there. Maybe meet some like minded people and have wonderful discussions. Possibly meet some of these wonderful people in real life (IRL) and have a nice conversation.

As Joe Strummer, from the Clash said:

“The future is unwritten…”



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Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell

Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people