Everything Will Come Right USA

Lately, I have been thinking about the state of the USA. I admit that I can get angry, depressed and feel a hate for a certain lot of people seething through my mind. I question a lot about this certain group of people causing havoc and trouble. These are the people I knew growing up in Ohio, in my neighborhood and schooling. Excuse me if I may be too bold but, these people are highly under educated and extremely indoctrinated. This has been passed down among their ancestors for generations. It’s to the point where it is criminal that they have gone unchecked for so long; As if we just ignore them, hoping that they will go away.

And here we are today.

You all know what I am talking about. You know the people I am placing front and center. They are the religious right. The Christian Nationalist. The Ultra Conservative Right. The GOP. They are downright bullies. They cannot think for themselves and regurgitate along the lines of their leaders. They think they are invincible. They push the limits. They are hungry for power for the sake of power.

What have they ever done to advance the nation for the good of all society in the USA? …I’ll wait………(looks at watch) No one has come to me saying, ‘Hold my beer!’

In my opinion, Reagan was one of the worst presidents in history and his trickle down economics has failed the middle and lower class of American’s in the worst way. Since Reagan, wages have not kept pace with the costs of living. Wages have pretty much flat lined while prices in living have increased. A great example is in the real estate area. This topped with the student loan crisis is pathetic. Even rent is getting beyond managing.

Education should be free. The thing is, they don’t want an educated public. Because educated people question things.

Now there is also the groups like Citizen United and PAC donating to parties running for government positions, which is basically the big corporations having their hands in the politicians pockets to do their bidding. That is a big Fuck You to the American people trying to get by.

Both parties are owned by them, but it seems as if the GOP is damn set on making the USA a fascist state. Need proof? I will give you proof: January 6th AND Roe vs Wade. For some reason, the Christian Nationalist think that the USA is a christian nation (though there is nothing written about that in the Constitution) and if they could, they will replace the Constitution with their beloved bible. I refer to it as their bi-bile, because that book is full of shit. There is nothing holy about it. There is incest, killing and rape, among other atrocities! But their god loves them!! The only book that should be burnt is their bi-bile.

The GOP is Americas version of the Taliban. They want to oppress women. Let’s be extremely clear about this group of Men, as per the description in Wikipedia “Christian nationalists primarily focus on internal politics, such as passing laws that reflect their view of Christianity and its role in political and social life.” They want to get rid of Public Schooling and erase history regarding slavery. They want to make it legal to marry a child at preteen age (see Tennessee). They want to imprison a woman for getting an abortion, even if she is raped by a stranger or her father (see Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, etc).

In order for the GOP to win, they have made it harder to vote. They can’t win without cheating. They know this. Everyone knows this!!

These are evil people. They believe that the word of their god is absolute. They are delusional and twist their words to explain their beliefs in order to downplay the real meaning, basically making excuses. There a people within this group just to make money. Money is their God, i.e. Evangelicals. C’mon! It’s so blatantly obvious!! I see right through their facade. They try to be “Conniving” and they don’t realize that the emphasis is in the “Con.”

The supreme court justices voted in during the Bush/Trump years have lied about Roe vs Wade in their testimony and should be struck down on perjury. They don’t belong on those seats because the only people they represent are the far right GOP/Christian Nationalist. They were paid to lie. They will go after the LGBTQ society, Public Schooling and anything that is against their agenda if they get full power in the House and Senate. I am not shitting you.

You can attack me all you want and I will ignore you. I have no trust in anyone that supports that group of people. You can twist my words all you want and try to prove me wrong with your slander. You are dead to me. You are soulless. You have no empathy in your empty vessel of a body and mind. You are vile and evil. I am fed up with the likes of you.

If you think you can walk right in without a fight, you are in for a battle. The “actors” you placed in the government are just a distraction to keep our minds occupied, aren’t they. It’s an old illusionist trick to occupy the peoples minds while the real trick is being performed by slight of hand. Well, I see your hands quite clearly. Your distraction has grown old. Even Dorthy pulled the curtain away to reveal the wizard.

Yes, I am WOKE and it is a fucking good thing. You have tried to use words to make it sound bad. Tsk, tsk, tsk, and regarding cancel culture…., your cancellation is next in line. It won’t stop there. Once you are down, we are going to keep you down and bury you under the rock you crawled out of. You are a nothing burger.

There is a new generation coming into the fold that have been watching you all this time. Your people have already killed some of them because of your association with the NRA. These young folk have not forgotten you. They haven’t been on your radar, have they? They are of voting age now. You cannot stop them. All this time you have had only your goal in mind, and I hope it pops all over you like a bad zit that has been festering for a long, long while now.

People want change from your kind. They want to live a life they deserve and a life that is supportive for all, except your kind. They believe in sustainability, while you lay waste to the earth. You haven’t even begun to feel their wrath. But it is coming. I am counting the days. I am old and have lived a lifetime. I see, like in a bad movie, you are the villains. The good guy always wins, doncha know?!

There is Power and there is Force. True Power wins over Force. Force breaks in time. The people of the USA have the power over you and the corporations. You are really nothing without them. All this time you have tried throwing fear in front of them. All this time, they have had nothing to fear except fear itself. Just like the Ukrainian people, they are now just as fearless. You really don’t know what you are up against, do you?? You have opened a Pandora’s Box that you had no business disturbing. The wind is truly out of your sails. This is why you cheat and change the rules. It’s because you really can’t win, isn’t it?

You will become a minority that will slowly fracture into the abyss. The cracks in your armor have already been showing for some time now. If you are thinking of going nuclear on all of the people that just want to live their lives in peace, you have miscalculated.

Step aside now.

The true people of the USA are ready to rebuild their infrastructure. They are ready to make their schools, malls and everywhere safe and enjoyable once again. They don’t want to make America great, they want to make it livable and supportive for all the people. The true Americans are not greedy. They are well educated and want to pass it on to their children in a safe environment. Seriously, who wouldn’t want that?? A place where everyone is an active part in their society. Even the lazy people.

There is nothing wrong in living an enjoyable life free from fear or a wrathful god. If you don’t want that, I suggest you see a professional therapist to discuss your lack of apathy. It might do you good.

There is a lot of beauty in the USA. The people are lacking this because a certain group of people have been acting deplorable. They have been completely unacceptable. They have been the Woke version of a nightmare come true. But the thing is, …..Nightmares aren’t real. They are forgotten in time. But, I don’t think the GOP’s version of a nightmare will ever be forgotten. The Woke people have learned a huge lesson and I can only hope it will be taught in schools alongside slavery and women’s rights.

Never, to rear, its ugliness, again.




Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell

Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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