Dear Mr. Putin

I really don’t know what your gig is. The only thing I know is that you are an Ex-KGB agent, whatever that means. But that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? The world has moved on from that time in many ways. I won’t go into it because it is quite obvious how the world has changed. But it’s people like you that just won’t let go of the past. Why is that?

The “Cold War” ended decades ago and I think you are still hanging on to the memories that circulate inside your head. I was going to say ‘thick skull’ but I am trying my best to be congenial here.

I see what you tried to do to the USA by helping Trump to be elected. He’s a bad actor. You should have picked a smarter person to install. You see, Trump is an uneducated blowhard. Have you ever listened to him speak to a crowd? I’m embarrassed for you; I will have to deduct a point for that highly unintelligent choice you made. Even though the republican party bought it all, they tried to put up a fight before he was elected. You must have some information on them that they never want to go public.

Now you just go into a sovereign country and think you can walk in and they will lay down for you. I can tell by the tables you have during your conferences that you are beyond detached from society. How far do you prefer people to sit away from you? Are you afraid of germs, or that you might be poisoned?

One of the things about this invasion is that you seem to show no remorse, at all, whatsoever. I read an article of a child, about 7 or 8 years old who was slaughtered by your army. Does that make you proud? Do you even have kids? If you do, do you spend time with them? Have you ever spent time with them?

Your world seems like a cold and callous place. When I see photos of you, there is emptiness in your eyes. You are the epitome of the cold war era Russian I grew up imagining. I always thought that the Russian people were all depressed and hated my country. I never thought there would be a nuclear war until now. What would that achieve for anyone? I’ll tell you, Nothing.

I met my first ever Russian person at university. He was studying Physics and I loved his accent. He was warm hearted and a joy to talk with. Now days, I think that the greater population of Russians are just as charming as he was. It’s quite evident that they want peace in the world. I see on the web that they are protesting this war of yours. You can beat them down and jail them as you please, but I think that your time, your era, is coming to an end.

My favorite hockey team The Detroit Red Wings had Russian players and won the Stanley Cup. It was great to see them skate around the rink. They looked happy to be playing in the NHL. Quite different to playing in the Red Army. You see, what I think you fail to see is that people can’t be treated like pawns in a machine. This war of yours is not a video game. Actual people on both sides are losing their life. You have the power to stop it, now.

You see, people don’t want war. You do. People want to live a good life and be with people that they love. Don’t you? The world is still a beautiful place and we can all live well. Not just you. We have a chance to all live in peace for the betterment of all societies the world over. Would you like to be a part of that? Stop your war and killing of innocent people and children, make amends and there is a possibility you may be forgiven. I won’t guarantee that but we will cross that bridge when we get to it, as it hasn’t been blown up yet.

Just out of curiosity, do you need to see a doctor and get a mental check up? It just seems like you could use some time away. Take a load off your mind. Spend some time self healing. Are all these suggestions beyond your scope of reasoning? Can you still reason? Graciously? Just as in the Christmas movie ‘Scrooge” I believe there is a small heart inside of you that just needs time to grow again.

Did you know that if a society is built that promotes a community where the people are taken care of, the people invest in that community? Everyone needs a decent house to live in with a bed and blankets. Everyone needs food and nutrition, as well as medical help when they get sick. There is enough sickness in the world that could use the money governments give to their war machines. Do you get my drift?

Oh, …. I need to look at the reality of the world, do I?! I’m not thinking like you! Well, maybe I have empathy with a spice of sympathy in my soul. I do like to see people doing what they love to do with their lives as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. There is enough world for everyone to participate in no matter what the color of their skin, ethnicity, or beliefs. Prove me wrong! Oh, a gun pointed at my head. Really!! Shut me up and keep on with what your doing? Fine. I am better off dead than having to deal with you. Besides, your flame is burning out anyway.

I’m not going to plead with you. Just know that when you pass on, the world will be better for it. Even if you take out millions of us in a nuclear nightmare. The world has better plans without humans. Oh, just before I go, just hear me out before you put a bullet in my head. Even though you are a cruel human being, I see through that. I know who you really are. You, just like the rest of us who inhabit this planet are Light. Kinda weird eh? You didn’t see that coming did you?

I know it confuses you and you may think I am a tree huger, but I am much more than that. I know you are too. So is the rest of humanity. Just stop this war with Ukraine. Let go of your ambitions to reclaim that piece of land. Shit man, we can all visit there and enjoy their peoples culture and landscape. I think that we owe that to ourselves. Life is but a blink of the eye. I love looking at old photographs of people from different times past. You should try it dude. Because all those people staring back at you are dead and gone now. But they were once alive like you and me.

We all need to do more living. So what do you say Mr Putin? Let’s all share life with another and learn, grow, love and exist in peace. It’s easier this way and heaps better for everyone.

Thanks for your time,

ME (another human being)




Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell

Art is just a regular dude. Likes humor, plays the drums and enjoys listening to his favorite pods. He doesn’t mind mowing the lawn, he is an observer of people

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